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I’m excited to be bringing you my blog, and like it says it’s all about better design for better spaces to live in. Picking up on brilliant new products and trends for the home from around the world. I’m as excited by new materials and energy saving gadgets as i am about toxin free products and the world of vintage and up-cycling. There’s so much going on out there to make better places to live, and this is where you’ll find the best of it. Enjoy, and if you want, comment (nicely!!!) Oliver

Biophilia – the future of eco design, health and well being?

As a designer passionate about the built environment and sustainability, incorporating a sense of nature has been a recurring theme to much of my design and media work. These ideas are neatly summed up under the concept of “Biophilic design”, and over the last 30 years there has been an outpouring of fascinating research and […]

From waste to space – the Brighton Waste House

I’ve talked before about how domestic products are just 1% efficient, it takes 40 tonnes of material to create 1 tonne of useful stuff, and of that 98% gets thrown away! Using household and business waste – from toothbrushes to cassette tapes (remember those?) – to do something amazing like build a house, is not […]

My travel carbon footprint – planes, trains, (electric) automobiles and of course bicycles

In my world the CO2 emissions of our homes is an every present and critical issue, with 28% of the UK emissions being created by them. If you want to know more about CO2 emissions then find out more here with the Energy Saving Trust. Having spent time energy (and money!) reducing the CO2 footprint […]

Breathing spaces are better spaces – how nature is helping purify our living spaces

We ask a lot from the spaces that we inhabit; practicality, durability, energy , aesthetics, acoustics. But where health does that sit within our requirements? It goes without saying that our health is improved by regular fresh air changes through controlled ventilation. But before the times of MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) systems there […]

BBC DIY SOS – Sunderland – How Biophilia can make a house a sustainable healthy home

My last BBC DIY SOS shoot was as ever a much deserved project where we completely rebuilt and refurbished the home of the Finlay family in Sunderland. It’s home to John, June and daughter Heather, who’s family life was brought into chaos when June fell ill with Clippers disease just as she came about her retirement. […]

My Norwegian Design Adventure – Small homes can be better homes

You may not know it, but i have something of a secret TV career going on in Norway. Well i say secret Norway’s TV2 are making sure all Norwegians know. My last project was set in this beautiful house dating from the 19th Century, located just outside Bergen. Whilst it seems grand from the exterior […]

Light Reflective Paint – Better, Brighter, -But How?

I recently attended a conference with Akzo Nobel, the company that owns and manufactures Dulux paints. I learnt about their extensive sustainability strategy, known as Planet Possible, and it got me thinking about the way in which I use paints and how it affects not just the look and feel of a space but also […]

Earth Hour

  Those readers with a keen eye will notice that I wrote this before Earth Hour, which happened on Saturday. But Earth Hour is such a great idea of bringing together people all over the planet, that I wanted to publish this even though it’s late – so that those of you who missed it, […]

Here comes Climate Week from the 3rd -9th March

Having recently trained as a Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal advisor, I’ve come to appreciate the importance and vast opportunities available of saving energy in the home, and as a design professional it’s important that energy use is part of my offering when I’m giving more general design advice to home owners. (You can […]

Wandular – helping us to live sustainably through the art of better design

I recently attended an inspirational lecture by Jonathan Chapman, Professor of Sustainable Design at Brighton University, one of the key points he makes is that people buy into meaning, not matter. Here’s the full lecture for you to watch on Youtube. Here are some scary numbers: Scary……. but why? As Professor Chapman states 40 […]