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I’m excited to be bringing you my blog, and like it says it’s all about better design for better spaces to live in. Picking up on brilliant new products and trends for the home from around the world. I’m as excited by new materials and energy saving gadgets as i am about toxin free products and the world of vintage and up-cycling. There’s so much going on out there to make better places to live, and this is where you’ll find the best of it. Enjoy, and if you want, comment (nicely!!!) Oliver

Light Reflective Paint – Better, Brighter, -But How?

I recently attended a conference with Akzo Nobel, the company that owns and manufactures Dulux paints. I learnt about their extensive sustainability strategy, known as Planet Possible, and it got me thinking about the way in which I use paints and how it affects not just the look and feel of a space but also [...]

Earth Hour

  Those readers with a keen eye will notice that I wrote this before Earth Hour, which happened on Saturday. But Earth Hour is such a great idea of bringing together people all over the planet, that I wanted to publish this even though it’s late – so that those of you who missed it, [...]

Here comes Climate Week from the 3rd -9th March

Having recently trained as a Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal advisor, I’ve come to appreciate the importance and vast opportunities available of saving energy in the home, and as a design professional it’s important that energy use is part of my offering when I’m giving more general design advice to home owners. (You can [...]

Wandular – helping us to live sustainably through the art of better design

I recently attended an inspirational lecture by Jonathan Chapman, Professor of Sustainable Design at Brighton University, one of the key points he makes is that people buy into meaning, not matter. Here’s the full lecture for you to watch on Youtube. Here are some scary numbers: Scary……. but why? As Professor Chapman states 40 [...]

It’s Big Energy Saving Week – so take action now

Whilst this winter has been pretty stormy it has been a mild one so far — I have my suspicions that the coldest part is yet to come. So it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is warm and comfy — and to try and save money on those dreaded energy bills. Well [...]

Driving down Electric Avenue – My year of electric driving

It’s coming up for a year since I started driving my extended range electric car- the sleek and futuristic Vauxhall Ampera, I’ve got to say that I don’t know if I can face going back to a conventional gas guzzler. If you haven’t had the chance to drive in an electric car – then do! [...]

My Great Green Deal training adventure

  As you may know I’ve always been passionate about creating eco homes – be it new build or finding ways to make the homes we live in fit for the future. So when the opportunity came up to train and qualify as a Domestic energy Assessor and Green Deal Assessor, well i jumped at [...]

To DIY for – does the world of DIY need fixing?

  I grew up in an era where we were a nation of inventors, do-ers and makers – and the DIY skills that I learnt from my father are still serving me well today. But it seems that this trend for skills being shared and passed down may itself need a little TLC. Statistics show [...]

Sustainable design trend predictions for 2014 and beyond…….

Autumn is fading into Winter and 2014 is beckoning – so what can we expect to see in our homes as eco-design whizzes round the sun once more? Without further ado, here are my key trends in sustainable design to watch out for in 2014. Thinking Smart- Materials and Technology The very fabric of our [...]

The Green Deal – the benefits and the barriers for future eco homes.

It’s difficult to dispute the fact that refurbishing your home by insulating, draught proofing and fitting new heating and hot water systems can certainly save on your bills, but the short-term upfront costs of products and installation seem to be putting off many householders. The government-backed Green Deal scheme, launched in January this year, could [...]