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Temporary Structures – eco design appreciation by getting closer to nature

So much has changed in the camp site since the heady days of Barbara Windsor’s shenanigans in Carry On Camping and at this time of year its always exciting to see what’s new in the way of temporary structures and tents – anything that can get us out of our homes and into nature but […]

Upcycled Homes – the Norwegian way

Last September I was asked by Norway’s TV 2 to take part in their prime time interiors show Tid For Hjim (Time For Home)- it’s a popular makeover show where designers are asked to refurbish the interiors of viewers homes. Nice and simple – just good design, a good build . . . no jeopardy. […]

Eco Homes need new ways to dry clothes – new research shows

New research by the Mackintosh School of Architecture showed that 75% of the homes visited had moisture levels that would promote dust mite growth and the risk of breathing difficulties. This was largely caused by home owners drying their washing indoors in the winter months. In fact one washing load being laid out across a […]

Bored Of Cotton? Here Are Some Brilliant New and Unique Sustainable Fabrics For The Home

  It has has been said that the battle for greater sustainability in the home will be fought on a material front. I for one am always appalled at the hidden damage many conventional materials that we use create and am similarly thrilled to find new materials that tackle the same functional issues but without […]

Up-cycling Industry: Does It Conform To All The Guidelines?

Fire is one of those things that has always fascinated me. In fact i became a trained fire breather when i was just 14 and was always mesmerised by its destructive beauty. This picture was taken of me breathing fire on the sand dunes of the Moroccan Sahara desert – (some years ago i might […]

Eco Washing Machines: Cleaner Clothes, Brighter Future

A study released by Cambridge University, titled ‘Well Dressed?‘, demonstrates that a shocking 60% of the greenhouse gases generated over the life of a T-shirt come from washing and drying machines. All of the energy and carbon emissions used to grow, manufacture, ship and sell clothes doesn’t even come close to the energy and emissions […]

Sofa, So Green

Choosing eco home furnishings can be really tricky. Particularly for items that are a little more complex in their manufacture and don’t necessarily have a daily energy use. Subsequently, the provenance of manufacture and materials, embodied energy and durability of these pieces really comes into question.   Sofas are a prime example of a high-ticket, […]

Never Felt Better: The Many Uses Of Pressed Wool for eco homes

Felt is one of those under-used but “designers’ favourite” materials. And as one of the earliest fabrics created, it has been for a very long time. Natural felt is made using wool in a wet or dry process and utilises the wool fibre scales and kinks to bond or matt the fabric together.   For […]

And so to bed … healthy bedrooms, eco homes

Im often asked how eco design can create healthy homes as a means to reduce asthma and allergies. More often than not the answer lies in the bedroom; its materials and potential toxins. As we spend a round one third of our lives in our bedrooms focussing on the reduction of toxins, good ventilation and […]

Knitted furniture for happier Eco interiors!

Amazing to think that there are around 32 million sheep in the UK – that’s half a sheep per person (perhaps a bit messy) or 2 sheep per family of 4, much neater except perhaps in the bathroom. So where I hear you ask is all that fabulous wool going, especially as wool sales have […]