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Light Reflective Paint – Better, Brighter, -But How?

I recently attended a conference with Akzo Nobel, the company that owns and manufactures Dulux paints. I learnt about their extensive sustainability strategy, known as Planet Possible, and it got me thinking about the way in which I use paints and how it affects not just the look and feel of a space but also [...]

Designing eco homes inspired by nature- for happier & healthier places to live

The BBC Science and environment site recently identified that the correlation between access to green spaces and well-being is becoming increasingly important and as a means to cut billions for the NHS. The Woodland Trust’s chief executive, Sue Holden stated “It is a connection that we know intrinsically, we believe it to be true but increasingly it [...]

Eco homes need to get Smart – make your home Better with smart materials, products and technologies

As a designer I’m seeing a wide range of so called “Smart” products and materials that are enhancing our lives and our homes, coming onto the market – some are with us now and some are emerging technologies. Not simply the never ending stream of connected consumer electronics and IT items but also others such [...]

Is technology and social media impacting on our social lives at home?

It seems that our domestic social lives have been making the headlines over the last few weeks with the impact of smart phones, tablets and mobile devices at the root of these changes – both good and bad, depending on your view point. Recent research by the National Literacy Trust shows having set mealtimes with the whole [...]

Eco Kitchen Interiors set to become smart intelligent spaces

With kitchens being the one space in the home that uses the most resources on a daily basis, were seeing that eco kitchens are also set to become smart kitchens – learning and adapting user behaviour – minimising resource input to maximise output -might even bring a smile to the eco side of Grodon Ramsay [...]

Bathrooms of the future – saving us water and giving us so much more

Im always on the lookout for surveys and stats that tell us a little more about how we want to live, rather than the way we currently do- they can be a fascinating insight for any designer particularly those interested in the Future Home. Well this week its bathrooms. A recent survey of 1500 home [...]

Eco Homes – Detoxing for 2013

It’s a New year and time for a fresh start. I’m sure many of us have made resolutions to ‘detox’, but how about detoxing our homes? Or even better, Smart technology that will do it for us? Chinese based Ecovacs have created the Famibot. It’s main aim is to roam your floor and purify the [...]

Eco Homes need new ways to dry clothes – new research shows

New research by the Mackintosh School of Architecture showed that 75% of the homes visited had moisture levels that would promote dust mite growth and the risk of breathing difficulties. This was largely caused by home owners drying their washing indoors in the winter months. In fact one washing load being laid out across a [...]

Biomimicry: What eco design can learn from nature?

As a designer, there’s really no greater inspiration than the marvels of nature. Increasingly we’re seeing science taking its cues from the natural world in an effort to solve complex design issues in a more organic way. Hopefully creating better spaces for us to live in.   In a nutshell (nice idiom right?), biomimicry or [...]

Bored Of Cotton? Here Are Some Brilliant New and Unique Sustainable Fabrics For The Home

  It has has been said that the battle for greater sustainability in the home will be fought on a material front. I for one am always appalled at the hidden damage many conventional materials that we use create and am similarly thrilled to find new materials that tackle the same functional issues but without [...]