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Designing eco homes inspired by nature- for happier & healthier places to live

The BBC Science and environment¬†site¬†recently identified that the correlation between access to green spaces and well-being is becoming increasingly important and as a means to cut billions for the NHS. The Woodland Trust’s chief executive, Sue Holden stated “It is a connection that we know intrinsically, we believe it to be true but increasingly it [...]

Temporary Structures – eco design appreciation by getting closer to nature

So much has changed in the camp site since the heady days of Barbara Windsor’s shenanigans in Carry On Camping and at this time of year its always exciting to see what’s new in the way of temporary structures and tents – anything that can get us out of our homes and into nature but [...]

Ethical interiors an essential ingredient for sustainable homes- learning from fast fashion disasters

In light of the recent tragedies in Bangladesh, and even more recently in Cambodia, we cant allow the interiors industry to follow such a shameful way of operating. Knowledge, transparency and questioning is what’s needed. But just who is going to look after our homes interiors and the impact they have around the world? So [...]

I’m dreaming of…..well a Green Christmas of course

It’s that time of year again when decorations start going up and houses become all twinkly. There’s certainly plenty of magic around, but does that really mean it’s ok to give up on our aspirations for a better home and world to live in? And more than that is there a way to still really [...]

Temporary Structures: Working With Nature

  With summer just around the corner, my mind turns to the camping season. It gives me the chance to get outside, be closer to nature and make the most of my fabulous new Bell Tent. But what we are also seeing in the design world is that there is a new found fascination with [...]

Biomimicry: What eco design can learn from nature?

As a designer, there’s really no greater inspiration than the marvels of nature. Increasingly we’re seeing science taking its cues from the natural world in an effort to solve complex design issues in a more organic way. Hopefully creating better spaces for us to live in.   In a nutshell (nice idiom right?), biomimicry or [...]

Eco Home Composting: future designs on home food waste

Ok, so my guilty secret is out. I really find it tough to recycle food waste and scraps from my kitchen. And I suspect I’m not the only one. It’s the smells coming from the compost caddy, the emptying into my enormous outdoor composter, and then getting stuck in to turn and farm this ready-made [...]

My favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations for this Year

What’s not to love about this mid winter festival of ours, although every year I get hit with a pang of just how am I going to do all this decorating and Christmassy stuff and still make it sustainable. Creativity, inspiration and upcycling is what’s called for. When it comes to decorating my own tree [...]

Sofa, So Green

Choosing eco home furnishings can be really tricky. Particularly for items that are a little more complex in their manufacture and don’t necessarily have a daily energy use. Subsequently, the provenance of manufacture and materials, embodied energy and durability of these pieces really comes into question.   Sofas are a prime example of a high-ticket, [...]

Eco homes need eco heating: My Top Five Favourite Wood Burning Stoves

With winter setting in and chilly temperatures just around the corner (this mild spell can’t last forever), I thought I’d share my favourite wood burning stoves with you.   Come the winter, there aren’t many inanimate objects in my house that I love as much as my wood burning stove. There’s nothing like cycling home [...]