What we do


Spatial Design Services

We offer full interior and architectural design services benefiting a range of spaces including workplace, hospitality education, exhibitions, residential & retail environments including interior and architectural design, test case installations, exhibition design, pop ups.


  • Improve health and well being: Psychological and physiological health & well being are essential to optimising productivity, creativity and happiness within the built environment. Our methods focus on creating spaces that take a “whole human” approach ensuring physical, mental, social and emotional needs are optimised.
  • Increase productivity: Utilising the whole human methodology combined with a biophilic design strategy we measure existing base levels to define a brief. We demonstrate tangible financial benefits through the delivery of a human centred design approach, creating happier healthier spaces to live and work in.
  • Improve the triple bottom line: We create benefits to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. An enhanced human focused sustainable approach increases staff health and well-being, moral, productivity and cognitive functioning.
  • Reduce energy use: More efficient buildings are also more comfortable spaces to live and work in. We combine user education programs  and energy efficient technology to create greater energy savings. We reduce gas use through insulation, draught reduction and electrical use through the implementation of energy efficient technologies.
  • Improve air quality: We improve air quality through technology, natural ventilation systems, the use of toxin free materials and the use of plants. This reduces impacts of Sick Building Syndrome and absenteeism, plus increases concentration levels, and the reduction of toxins in materials.
  • Reduce water use: Careful specification of products can significantly reduce water usage levels by over one third from the UK average of 250 litres of water/ person / day. We utilise water optimisation appliances, grey water systems and behavioural change programs to create improved efficiencies

Consultancy Services

We offer insightful research based services including trend forecasting, seminars, workshops, pre-& post occupancy studies on biophilic design & wellbeing.

We are happy to collaborate with existing design teams, to improve the experience of building occupancy. We can advise, educate and integrate Biophilic Design at a variety of stages throughout the design process.

TV, Media & Communications

With an established media profile, Oliver is able to offer broadcasting, public speaking and editorial skills for a variety of live and pre-recorded activities.


  • Television: both terrestrial and online based content production as main presenter or voice over.
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Writing: blogs, articles and books – original content and comment supplied based on his extensive knowledge and expertise in the subjects of sustainable design, lifestyle and the built environment.
  • Radio Interviews: expert speaker appearances

Product Design

Oliver Heath Design works with existing brands to develop new products that enhance health and wellbeing.