A Million Little Pieces: The Magic of Mosaics

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Patchworks are a key way to use materials in the world of eco design. And I just love them. Simply put, they offer the opportunity for small, otherwise unusable parts of material to have a new and useful life. Whilst big slabs of materials might look bold and impressive, they are also inefficient as they can be very wasteful. Mosaics and patchworks are all about using tiny parts to create, on the whole, what ends up being a softer more human-feeling final product.


Remember when you were a kid and went to the beach? You would spend hours just collecting seashells but you never really knew what you were going to do with them. Well, the kids that grew up to form Shellshock Design were already formulating their master plan. Their use of shells and mother of pearl to make patchworks and mosaic tiles is really inspiring. All their materials are responsibly sourced, with very little waste, and they’re also SGS certified. All things that we like to see.



These 100% recycled glass tiles from Solus Ceramics are also a really great way to add a bit of character to any room. As well as using recycled products, Solus also use a closed-cycle production which means there are virtually no emissions and dispersions.



For one of the largest range of mosaic tiles around it’s hard to beat Louis Valentino Ceramics. Their vast range, including theCrystal, Hot Melt Glass, Seashell and Stainless Steel is really great. As you can see, they use a range of different materials to create their mosaic tiles. So whatever space you’re looking to invigorate, Louis Valentino will have the perfect mosaic material. Of course, the fact that they’re dedicated to using the newest environmentally-friendly technology makes their tiles even better.



But it’s not just glass that can be recycled to make beautiful mosaics. Look at the following companies who are all using coconuts. Kirei, Coco Origin Life and Shellshock are all using coconut shells backed with wood to create these really beautiful and warm patchwork tiles. I bet you didn’t think that tiles grew on trees, now did you?