BBC DIY SOS – making homes fit for the future

oliver General

Ok so here it is my first BBC DIY SOS episode, filmed a few months ago but only recently aired on BBC 1, and what a whirlwind it was- hundreds of builders, plasters electricians, gardeners all crammed into one tiny prefabricated house in Dartford for 10 days! Well they didn’t exactly sleep there but it was a busy few days that’s for sure.

This house was quite a wreck before we started ……

The brief was to rebuild a 1950’s prefabricated house which had fallen into a real state of disrepair. But more that just make this an efficient house to live in we needed to create a beautiful home, one that reflected the lives of Louise and her young son Thomas who has low spectrum Autism.

Whilst her spatial needs are relatively straight forward; she likes social spaces, needs to work, relax and have a little private space to call her own, Thomas needed more careful attention and consideration. He is a fantastic kid who is funny and articulate, but he needs to have his own safe spaces where he can play, organise, and feel comfortable.  So as well as making his bedroom special we created a ground floor space for him and also a fantastic shed in the garden – a real space outside of the house that he could call his own.

Their reactions to the finished house were fantastic, and the work we all put in as one massive team truly worthwhile.