Learn how to implement Biophilic Design in the home

Increasingly we are seeing a need to implement Biophilic Design into our spaces; from the office to our homes, compelling research shows that using a human-centred design approach brings a closer link to nature and subsequently improves our health and wellbeing. Our insightful and thought-provoking Biophilic Design courses are the perfect way to start your journey into human-centred design thinking


5 star review
Just the course I've been waiting for
Rachel Hopkins

Really well set out and presented with clear guidance through each section. I now have a good understanding of what Biophlic Design is, it's origin and our progressive detachment to natural spaces through radical urbanisation. Great points of reference to research each lesson further. The quiz at the end was good for knowing what I need to revisit to compact my learning further. Looking forward to the next course.

5 star review
Great UX
Julia Schlagenhauf

I was very excited that the online Biophilic Design Course came live and love the design, the content, the audio files and the small steps I could take going forward with the material. It's very thoughtfully designed. Thank you for the great user experience.

Oliver Heath

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By enrolling on one of our courses, you will come away with a solid understanding of Biophilic Design.

We will teach you the ethos of Biophilia and how human-centred design can change our own surroundings to improve health and wellbeing.

  • Gain insights into the causes of health and wellbeing issues in the urban environment.
  • Explore compelling research studies into the benefits of Biophilic Design.
  • Learn how Biophilic Design features can improve health and wellbeing.
  • Receive tips and tricks for creating Biophilic homes.
  • Come away with all the tools you need to incorporate Biophilic Design.