Biophilic Retail Spaces

Elly Deakin Biophilic design, Healthy spaces, Hospitality Design

Retail environments play a central role in our everyday lives – we all need those essentials like food and clothing. A recent House of Commons report stated that during 2014 alone, UK consumers spent around a huge £378 billion. Does the design of a shop have an influence on whether you enter it? Does the look and feel of a shop influence you to buy something? At Heath Design, we believe that incorporating Biophilic design principles into retail spaces can have positive effects on both customers and employees during their shopping and working experience.

The World Green Business council have recently released a report which states that Biophilia is a key environmental factor that can optimise retail environments and have beneficial effects on the well-being of both customers and employees. Other factors included natural light,  improved air quality, acoustics and overall look and feel of the interior.

How do you imagine your ideal shopping environment? Would it be light, spacious and clutter-free? Optimising natural light in a space can create a calming and soothing atmosphere, which can help put customers and staff members in a more relaxed and positive mood. As a result, employees are more motivated and productive while customers are in a better mood for buying products – both helping to increase a number of sales.

Creating a certain overall look and feel of a retail interior can also have an effect on how customers perceive the products on display. For example, if products are framed with objects that evoke positive and calming emotions, such as plants and natural textures, then customers will perceive the products in a more positive way and feel more inclined to buy it.

We were drawn to this enticing retail interior by SOFTlab because of its nature-inspired design. The architects have optimised natural light by incorporating an undulating lattice frame which creates a greenhouse feel to the space. They have used a natural palette of materials and colours, as well as a green wall, which help to reflect the identity of the brand ‘Innisfree’ and their natural skin products.

As you can see, elements of Biophilia can really create a restorative retail environment where customers and staff members can feel happy and comfortable… To find out more about Biophilia in retail settings, have a read of Oliver’s latest article on Human Spaces


Photo courtesy of Innisfree