BBC DIY SOS – making homes fit for the future

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Ok so here it is my first BBC DIY SOS episode, filmed a few months ago but only recently aired on BBC 1, and what a whirlwind it was- hundreds of builders, plasters electricians, gardeners all crammed into one tiny prefabricated house in Dartford for 10 days! Well they didn’t exactly sleep there but it was a busy few days …

Green Deal or Good Deal? Refurbishing The UK’s homes to eco homes

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Well, it’s a little over a year until the proposed launch of the Government’s Green Deal and it seems like there’s so much to do before this home-fixing package is ready. Will it really happen? And if it does, will it really do what it’s supposed to? For those of you still a little confused by what the Green Deal …

Start Something Beautiful

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It’s really good to see the latest event from the Start project coming up at Kew Gardens in late August. Once again Prince Charles is doing his bit to raise awareness and get behind some of the bigger issues facing our society. I recently visited a small exhibition that was put on in the Grounds of Charles London residence, Clarence …

Let there be (low energy) light!

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Lighting is so often misunderstood in the home. Most people don’t use low energy lighting throughout, but they also forget it’s an essential tool for designers. Below are a few designers who I think are making unmissable eco-statements and future eco-home classics. Stuart Haygarth collects everyday objects in large quantities, before categorising and assembling them in a way that ‘transforms …

The House That Charles Built

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 I’ve recently returned from a visit to Prince Charles’ Natural House and must say I was impressed. The low-key aesthetic approach represents a more populist direction for the Prince, who  is trying to help make our streets and homes greener, warmer and healthier, without creating a new style genre of design which can be off putting for many who don’t feel they …

Old furniture, new style: Oliver Heath’s tips on refinishing furniture

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One of my true pleasures is finding old pieces of furniture and giving it a new lease of life; it’s the excitement of the potential, the burst of creativity and finally it’s appreciating what you’ve made – knowing that its totally unique to you. Vintage furniture will add character and identity and it can help make your home feel more …

How to create an eco-friendly nursery or child’s bedroom

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Having just a few days working on a the BBCs DIY SOS, it’s got me thinking just how carefully we need to be thinking when designing bedrooms, and even more so when considering childrens bedrooms, as their immune systems are not as developed or resilient. Numerous toxins can easily be included in all sorts of items such as furniture, fabrics, …

Kitchen Sink Drama: A Guide to Better Water Efficiency

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Its hard to imagine that our humble kitchen sink was the cause of so many arguments at home between Katie, my wife, and I. Ok so I love it when she would offer to do the washing up but always found it impossible to sit by and watch as the tap was left running as the dishes were cleaned and …

Live Green Live Smart to use Urban Eco Chic as a textbook!

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The Minesota-based organization Live Green Live Smart Institute has decided to use Oliver Heath’s Urban Eco Chic as a textbook for their green certificate program! They have also invited Oliver to blog on their Website, so check back for updates on when the blog will be published!

Greenspec reviews Urban Eco Chic

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Brian Murphy of Greenspec, a UK Website dedicated to green building materials, wrote to Oliver Heath praising Urban Eco Chic: “Your approach, the book structure and format is so right: small nuggets of information, delivered by graphically coded topic bullet points, its so accessible. I am recommending it to interior design and furniture design students. The scope of coverage is …