Greener homes (literally!) and more sustainable homes

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The world of architecture is awash with new ways of adding plant life to our built environment. To my great delight we are seeing that trend move into the home in all sorts of inspiring ways. Plants are not only good for the soul but also for the health as many, such as ferns, orchids and spider plants, remove toxins from our polluted indoor environments.

But enough of the technical talk, they may be effective on that level but the first thing you notice is their natural beauty. Check out these few below to see what I mean.

Omer Deutsch has created this unbelievable PC cooler/plant hybrid. In a really exciting fusion of the natural and mechanical, the hybrid design comes with slots for individual hardware, topped off with a planter complete with germinated seeds and soil. This really is technology with biology. All you have to do is add water to keep your PC running efficiently. Could this be the future for computers? Really exciting stuff.

 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the World. How about recreating it in your front room with these really imaginative String Gardens? These beautiful plants are suspended in mid-air, using parts of their own structure as support. A bit tricky to water but still an incredible idea.

 Now I know you’ve always said to yourself: “Why do gardens always have to be horizontal?” Ok, well neither had I until I saw Woollypockets and Green Pockets. Two different design teams have come up with a similar idea – to drive your garden up the wall. The difference comes in the materials used, with Woollypockets using felt and Green Pockets using a clever interlocking ceramic tile system. The end result for both is really spectacular and brings the outside in, even if you’re limited for space. Why not turn one of your walls green?

 Finally, I couldn’t help but bring this to your attention. These bath mats are made from moss. That’s right, moss. Each cell contains a different moss, which is watered by the moisture from your body. Step out the shower onto the forest floor. Magical. I really love these.

 As you can see, there are so many ways to bring nature into your home. These designs are really imaginative and creative, and will really improve your indoor living space. A bit of green really helps to stop you feeling blue.