Can’t Stand The Heat? – Future Kitchen Trends

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We’re often asked by clients (usually the big ones), what are the current trends in kitchen design? It’s an area that’s constantly on the move and being reinvestigated – perhaps because it’s the one area of the home where form, function and passion come together, or simply because its an industry that thrives on the constant development. Importantly for me, it’s also the one where we can start to make real savings in our use of gas, water and electricity. So it plays a key role in our homes’ sustainability.


What we’re seeing at the moment is a trend for mobile kitchens – not literally kitchens on wheels – but those items that free you from being chained to the sink or cooker, allowing those activities to happen elsewhere, making it a more sociable participatory experience.


Of course, for many of us, this is nothing new and we all have a (hazy) memory of a messy fondue evening from sometime way back. So I thought we’d start with a sculptural and futuristic reworking of this Swiss classic. Kuhn Rikon has created a range of fondue cookware and accessories to suit every taste, incorporating everything from ‘basic to rustic and from traditional to modern’. Maybe it’s time for another party- crack open the schnapps!




The all-in-one, eco-island workstop kitchen by Gorm is a really ingenious idea. All the elements of the kitchen can be used individually but when used together they create a dynamic flow. Water drips from the drying rack onto the plants. Waste and scrap food can be place into the worm composter under the counter, which in turn provides nutrient-rich fertiliser for the plants. It gives you a real first-hand insight into how natural processes work and how we can utilise them.




If, like me, doing laundry is pretty near the bottom of your list in terms of enjoying yourself, this next device might bring a smile to your face. Simply place the ‘Dismount Washer’ basket onto the ‘energy stick’ on the wall, which locks in place, and let the steam do all the cleaning for you. It’s a great way of saving space and there’s no more battling for the only free machine at the launderette.




Now blending things is quite fun at the best of times but it does use a lot of unnecessary energy. So how about this new ‘Smoobo’ blender. The brainchild of Roseanne de Bruin from New Zealand, simply pop the ingredients inside and bounce it (yep, that’s right, bounce it) to activate the kinetic batteries that power the blades inside. It seems to be, quite literally, child’s play.





The multi-purpose ‘Ribbon’ allows you to heat on one side and cool on the other. The chargeable thermoelectric cell battery can also reverse the charging process – turning heat energy back into electricity. A fun way to bring home cooking right to the table and whilst were at it, you need never have another warm bottle of white wine again! Good times.