Oliver Heath Design - TV2's Tid for Hjem, 'Modern Heritage meets Scandi Chic'

Modern Heritage Meets Scandi Chic

Elly Deakin Biophilic design, Furniture, Recycling / upcycling, Vintage

This project for Norway’s TV2 show ‘Tid for Hjem’, proposed that we redesign a family living and dining room within a countryside villa built by family members during the 1920s. The home is situated down a quiet lane with spectacular views out onto lakes, trees and mountains; a setting that was the inspiration for many of the books written by the …

My favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations for this Year

oliver General, Materials, Natural stuff, Recycling / upcycling, Vintage

What’s not to love about this mid winter festival of ours, although every year I get hit with a pang of just how am I going to do all this decorating and Christmassy stuff and still make it sustainable. Creativity, inspiration and upcycling is what’s called for. When it comes to decorating my own tree I’ve opted for a simple …

Sofa, So Green

oliver Fabrics, Furniture, General, Materials, Natural stuff, Recycling / upcycling, Vintage

Choosing eco home furnishings can be really tricky. Particularly for items that are a little more complex in their manufacture and don’t necessarily have a daily energy use. Subsequently, the provenance of manufacture and materials, embodied energy and durability of these pieces really comes into question.   Sofas are a prime example of a high-ticket, key item of furniture that …