Clerkenwell Design Week

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Last week was Clerkenwell Design Week and Oliver was busy in London spreading the word about Biophilic design! The sustainable carpet tile company Interface launched their new campaign ‘Negative to Positive’ and so there was a lot to visit and see from them during the 3-day event. Oliver was involved in their ‘Beautiful Thinking’ stand in St. John’s Square along with other designers including Michael Pawlyn and Bureo Skateboards. They were chosen to represent the campaign as Interface believes they are driving real innovation within their industries and creating work that has a positive impact on the environment. Oliver Heath Design put Biophilic design into practice during the event by installing a recuperative area into Interface’s showroom on Northburgh Street. The space was filled with plants galore, along with a floor-to-ceiling height vertical living wall, water features, Bene furniture and Interface flooring.


Biophilic office installation at the Interface showroom on 1 Northburgh Street

On Wednesday of the event, Oliver took over one of London’s open top buses and gave a fantastic tour around the city, exploring a selection of Biophilic spaces. The tour involved spaces such as the Greenwood Theatre Park, The British Museum and the Natural Pool at Kings Cross. The highlight for Oliver was visiting the roof-top garden at the Queen Elizabeth hall on the South Bank. As you can see from the photos, it was a perfect time to visit as the garden was thriving in rich bio-diversity. It was a great place to sit and have a quiet moment and feel away from the chaos of London. Paul the gardener, from the volunteer group ‘Grounded EcoTherapy’ was also a great host and was very knowledgeable of all the plants that the garden had to offer.

Small pockets of green are essential to have in dense cities like London as it gives somewhere for people to recuperate from the stresses and strains of which urban environments can bring. In our next blog, we will be looking at the Greenwood Theatre park by Zandra Rhodes which is a vibrant and inspiring parklet case-study.


Oliver’s Biophilic bus tour


Bus tour visitors + Paul the gardener at the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof-top garden