Impactful design is informed by meaningful research

We investigate the latest research from a range of disciplines and this informs everything we do across each of our specialisms, whether the project entails designing healthy spaces, research and consultancy, or media and advocacy work. 

Within our research and consultancy work, we write whitepapers and articles, create and deliver educational seminars and workshops, and advise other project teams on how to integrate Biophilic and Human-Centred Design into their spaces.

The main focus of our research is related to human wellbeing in the built environment and the impact nature connections can have on improving this. Over the years, this has evolved, and whilst biophilia remains at the core of our practice, we have expanded the scope of our sustainable human-centred design thinking to include topics such as enhancing a sense of community through design, creating homes of the future, and designing for sensory wellbeing.

All of our research is conducted on a case-by-case basis and tailored specifically to each project.

The value of our research

Our in-depth research keeps us up to date with current issues related to health and wellbeing in the built environment and within society at large.

We use these insights to analyse changing behaviours and needs across a range of sectors, from workplace and education to healthcare and hospitality, as well as retail, residential and urban planning.

Through our written reports and presentations, we make the latest findings of academic research more accessible, explaining how and why it is relevant to the built environment. Translating theory into practice, we analyse research findings and evidence to help us develop design principles and frameworks that will be effective when creating healthy spaces.

We help our clients translate their messages to both businesses and consumers alike, to better understand the benefits of human-centred and Biophilic Design, whilst explaining how they can be applied in the real world. An essential aspect within our research and consultancy projects is the business case, where we explain the true value of human-centred design to businesses, building occupants and the planet. 

Research shows...

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 of employee absenteeism 

The inclusion of living elements or views onto nature can increase creativity by


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The value of our consultancy

Our research has been instrumental in pushing forward the adoption of Biophilic Design, Human-Centred Design and Sustainability in the built environment.

As a result, we often act as consultants, working alongside existing project teams to help them incorporate Biophilic Design solutions into the spaces they are creating. 

Whether consulting or leading on design projects, after we have established exactly what a client hopes to achieve, we investigate how we can fulfil these needs using Biophilic and human-centred design on a case-by-case basis. 

All of our design decisions are informed by research - there is always evidence to prove the benefit of each element of our design, and we ensure this is communicated clearly within our reports, presentations and general approach to projects. 

​​"We had the pleasure of having Oliver Heath presenting a seminar during our internal Sustainability Exhibition. The issues of sustainability and biophilic design were beautifully outlined by Oliver with all our questions being answered in a professional and friendly way. He managed to engage with everyone by concisely answering questions during the presentation as well as taking part in more project-orientated discussions afterwards. The turnout for the event was outstanding, with many people taking a genuine interest in Interface and their biophilic approach."
Corina Dragomirescu Materials Librarian, Foster + Partners

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