Cool Homes? The Unusual World of Refrigerator Upcycling

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I didn’t see this coming but it turns out white goods are the new black. What am I on about? I hear you ask. Well, weird but true, but we seem to be seeing an increasing number of projects that make the most of upcycling refrigerators in really unusual ways. I know what you’re thinking – pretty cool huh? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Here’s a look at some of the projects on the go.

Proving that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, Adrian Johnson’s ingenious creation occurred after he was roaming the local rubbish dump for inspiration.

Coming across a vintage BMW, with remarkably intact leather seats, and an old fridge, Adrian naturally did what everyone would have done – he created the Fridgecouch. Ok, maybe not everyone, but I think you’ll agree his creations are really special.

 The Fridgecouch is a really inspiring innovation and Adrian has created several other designs using different seating and fridge combinations. One even comes with built-in speakers.

 Our home fridge is great place to leave notes and put up the kids’ pictures. It’s a really visible place in the home. Taking this idea a step further (well, a brisk jog further, really) Lindsey Scannapieco, a student of City Design at LSE, decided to turn old fridge doors into a cinema. That’s right, a cinema.

 The “Films on Fridges“ cinema was located near the Olympic Park with the fridges being the screen for twelve sport-related movies. Even better news is that Sims Recycling, who provided the fridges, agreed to recycle all of them after the event finished.

It even seems even our four-legged friends are getting in on the act. The designers from Y-Town, a highly regarded Chinese eco-design firm, turned an old fridge into a home for an adorable stray pup.

All together now…aaawwww. Isn’t that a really great story and an excellent example of innovative upcycling? And since it was a fridge, I guess he wasn’t a hot dog. Geddit? Oh come on. Even you couldn’t have resisted that one.