Get On (And Off) Your Bike: The Best In Indoor Bike Rack Design

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I’m a regular and passionate cyclist and, like Boris Johnson, I think more of us should be getting on our bikes every day. Not just in an effort to cut down on smog and CO2 emissions (although this is obviously great news) but because bikes are incredible pieces of engineering and deserve to be properly worshipped.

It turns out I’m not alone in my love of bikes either, as I recently found out at London design week. There are a number of designers who have been working on bike racks for the home. And why not? When something looks that good it’s a crime to lock it up outside (not to mention more of a crime when it gets stolen).

The ‘Pedal Pod’ by Tamasine Osher is a great example of a stylish design that allows you to display your bike both functionally and aesthetically. It’s also a really handy little storage area for your bike lights, locks and keys.

Now if, like me, you live in a more-than-one-bike household, you might need to accommodate more than one set of wheels. Take a look at the ‘Branchline’ by Quarterre. It can store up to two bikes, with adjustable arms that can be tailored to fit individual bikes.

Quarterre also produce the ‘Hood’ and ‘Shadow’ ranges. They’re made from steel and finished with high-quality leather to protect the bikes. These are really simple and stylish designs that provide a ‘balanced aspect to any living space’.

Cycloc is a 100% recycled, post-industrial plastic bike rack. According to the UK Design Council it’s ‘a minimalist triumph of form, function and social awareness’. All true, of course, but it’s also a simply brilliant, space-saving way of storing your bike at home or in the office.

Last but by no means least is Urban City Bike Shelves. These more traditional shelves are hand made from either cherry or walnut. The shelves come in really useful for storage but what really stands out is that their simple designs really push forward the bike itself as a work of art. So, all together, let’s get down on our knees. All hail the mighty bicycle.