Global sharing day is coming – make your eco home be part of an eco community

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Sharing goods, knowledge and services makes so much sense, and it’s fast becoming a popular, sustainable alternative to conventional consumerism that is taking the world by storm.

Global Sharing Day 2013 is set to be The Greatest Share on Earth, taking place this weekend (2nd June 2013). It is a celebration of collaborative consumption, with the aim of making sharing mainstream. The theme for this year’s event is food!

Global Sharing Day 2013 has partnered together with The Big Lunch, Meal Sharing, Street Pin and many others to bring you the biggest sharing event yet.

The aim of the day is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, whilst having as much fun as possible.

Research by the Eden Project shows (as you can see below) that many of us in the UK lead lonely lives, so The Big Lunch can be a great excuse to get out and meet the people who we live so close to.

The Big Lunch collected a few statistics on social isolation within the UK. The stats make for slightly depressing reading but provide an interesting insight into modern Britain:

-There will two million more single-person households by 2019, on top of the 7.6 million that were recorded in 2012.

-There are more rich, poor and ethnic ghettos than ever before.

-There is a 7% annual drop in trust between neighbours from 2003-05.

-Social trust in the UK halved and now among the lowest in Europe.

Enough to spur you into action? Great, then act on them now and share your next Sunday roast or a picnic with the people around you.

If you would like to get involved with this years Global Sharing Day it’s not too late! There are several ways you can still participate. Go along to a Big Lunch happening near you and take some food to share. Or if there’s not one local, it’s not too late to organise one! Here’s some helpful steps to get you started. Other ways to get involved and to see what else is going on are listed on the Global Sharing Day Website.

While sharing food is a great way to get started, there are so many other ways to get sharing. Get in touch with your local Sharing Economy Community, find out what’s going on and see what you can offer to the group.

Keep sharing after Global Sharing Day!

Keep the inspiration going, you can share anything. Create a book exchange at work, reinvent your wardrobe by organising a clothes swap or just share some of your knowledge with others. These are just a few classic sharing activities. You can get more inspiration from this fantastic “How to Share” on-line library.

Have fun sharing! #GlobalSharingDay