Grow Your Own – Furniture With a Direct Link to Nature

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When I married the lovely Katie, I grew a living willow structure for us to hold the ceremony. Started in the February, it was ready for the big day in September when I wove it into a mini-shelter. If you’re interested in something similar you can learn more here.

I really love the idea that life and products around us have a direct connection to the environment. After all, nothing simply arrives in our homes without some impact on the environment. Here are some products that have made the journey as lightly as possible. They make me smile at their simplicity and joy, and the uniqueness of nature.

This lamp is made from a branch felled in a tornado that struck New York City. It’s the work of Harris Hine, who along with Emily Vislocky, is behind Reclaiming Brooklyn, a design company using materials found in the city. Made just using the branch, metal shims, cord and an aluminium shade, I think you’ll agree it’s a really elegant design.

Perhaps the perfect way to reduce the journey from nature to your home is to grow your own furniture. If you’re not sure what I mean then have a look at these stools on the Grown Furniture site. Simple but really stunning. If you like a tipple, then how about growing your own wine rack to store your bottles? The idea was developed by Lois Walpole after four years of research at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. It’s easy to grow and will be a real talking point when it’s harvested and brought indoors.

On a smaller scale, these tree hooks, or “Trooks”, by Geoff Fisher provide a natural and convenient storage solution. They attach with magnets to metal surfaces and each Trook comes with a handwritten note detailing where the wood was found and the variety of tree it came from.

Our wedding structure was really special, and pretty romantic I’m sure you’ll agree, but even small connections to nature in your home can really have a huge impact. Why not give it a try?