Knitted furniture for happier Eco interiors!

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Amazing to think that there are around 32 million sheep in the UK – that’s half a sheep per person (perhaps a bit messy) or 2 sheep per family of 4, much neater except perhaps in the bathroom. So where I hear you ask is all that fabulous wool going, especially as wool sales have been in such decline? Well September saw British Wool week, helping us understand its many benefits in all areas of life.

It’s not surprising that making use of all this wool seems to be catching on especially with designers who are always going to appreciate good quality materials, so I thought i’d let you in on a micro trend we’re seeing in knitted furniture. Sounds weird but perhaps it’s recognising that we want security, warmth and comfort from our homes. Just imagine curling up in one of these fabulous knitted chairs by Melanie Porter on a cold winter’s evening, a little bit like being wrapped up in a favourite woollen jumper. Hard to resist, huh?

Wool of course has the opportunity to be organic both in its production but also in form and these wonderful Urchin poufs by Dutch designer maker Christien Meindertsma have such character, one could almost imagine them quietly multiplying overnight in your lounge ……

And if you like those  then the chunky oversized knits of Claire Anne O’ Brian’s Knitted stools would be hard to resist, they have a lovely textural knobbly organic quality about them.


But you know when a trend is really taking off when it spreads to other forms and products, and that’s what we found at the recent London Design Festivals Tent Show, where Naomi Paul’s Knitted lampshade blended authentic hand crafted products with retro modernist tapered forms. Warm, friendly but oh so stylish

Melanie Porter has another take I guess more inspired by thick woollen socks or tea cosies, her knitted lamp stands look like they’d survive a cold snap in even the coldest of houses this winter!

And for those that like to subvert and mix genres up, how about these woolly yet utilitarian styled cable knitted lights from Berlin based Llot Llov that make use of cool running compact flouresecnt bulbs. As Llot Llov say it has “the ability to dynamically adapt itself according to the individual needs of its user, changing its appearance with the place of installation. Hung as a single piece, knotted in a group or set on a hook on the wall: Matt simply fits into the scene of its placement, flexibly draping itself to the shape and situation of a room.”

And of course trust a designer to take it just a little over the edge. Check out these “Maximised knitted interior objects” by Bauke Knottnerus – although what kid (or even big kid!) wouldn’t want to dive into this spaghetti like pile of knitted cables and just snooze the afternoon away. Hey you could even invite your pet sheep to join you!