Lighting Up London (Design Festival) – low energy eco lighting shines out

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Each year the London Design Festival showcases the best ingenious thinking and creativity from across the UK.

Perhaps I am a little like a moth always being  drawn to brilliant lighting solutions.

Lighting is a powerful tool, its one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to have real impact in the home affecting how you live, work,  rest and yes even your health. Of course we cant think about future lighting options without considering low energy systems, natural materials and reuse. So here is my pick of the innovative lighting that I saw, loved and had to share with you from this years festival.

As you may know by now- im fascinated by future homes and how we bring nature to them, so first up is this innovative kitchen herb growing led lighting system.

bulbo lights

Bulbo designs and produces this highly innovative, beautifully crafted and easy to use LED lamps for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. The lamps combine functionality and advanced technology to create a carefully controlled solution for growing herbs in the kitchen. The prices seemed affordable too.

Western Trash Lights

Don’t let the name fool you: WesternTrash is waste-neutral and 100% sustainable lighting design company that uses, you guessed it old bottles to create these stunning lights. The materials are either up-cycled or recyclable, the packaging is reusable, and bottles are sourced locally in Berlin. It’s about taking trash out of the system without putting any back. Up-cycled objects aren’t always a second option, I would rather have one of these pendants than a new glass shade any day.

woodstar lighting

These architectural lights utilise the captivating translucence of different wood veneers with an elegantly simple way to control the light they emit. Created by Woodstar, the pendant ‘Trinity’ shades are adjustable.  When closed up they create sculptural mood lighting, when opened up they allow a practical quantity of direct light to shine into the room. These shades are fashioned with wood as the inspiration and the material, creating a beautifully natural light source that is reminiscent of a gentle sun glow.

Kinono Lights

Kimono Lamps are  shades handmade in Ireland from upcycled Japanese kimonos. Yes, most were worn by someone in Japan and witnessed special occasions such as tea ceremonies, or weddings, and its some of this history that will imbue your home with a special kind of light. Each lampshade is one of a kind and no two are alike as each lampshade is created with a different Kimono. Even if you don’t know the exact details of its past, having an object in your home with a story can be a great focal point of any room.

jay watson

Jay Watsons, Just Desserts is a cluster of low-energy pendants made from a unique selection of glass dessert bowls. These formally junk shop ‘orphaned’ bowls have been transformed with new purpose as fascinating luminaires. Not only are these lights made from recycled materials, they are also fitted with slim  ultra bright LED lights rated at 75,000 hours.

“Now, rather than being filled with dubious concoctions of tinned fruit and custard, they have been reincarnated and filled with light.” –Jay – I love these and plan to get hold of some to hang as a cluster over my dining table.

I had a great time at the London design festival- its one of those shows where products, materials and ideas stay with you through out the year, guiding and filtering into your work. Im feeling inspired already!