Log in and Branch Out: Natural Wooden Furniture In The Home

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Bringing nature into the home can mean so much more than just treading mud into the hallway carpet. What we’re seeing at the moment is a new generation of designers finding ways to create furnishings from unprocessed materials. This allows the softness and elegance of natural forms to add a unique organic richness to your home. Perhaps this is part of a wider movement that is mirroring our passion for organic and homemade food in place of processed alternatives.


Organic furniture for inside the home is very much the theme of Uhtua Design‘s new deadwood furniture collection. Using old pine trees that have dried standing and shed their bark gives the wood a really beautiful grey appearance on the outside and redder, fresher look on the inside. Also, because the wood is dead and dried it means it doesn’t require any surface treatments.


Furniture maker Sebastian Cox says: ‘Every piece I design and make is not just attractive and functional, but also addresses our current issues of environmental sustainability.’ As a mission statement it’s a pretty good one. His ‘Rod’ standard lamp and ‘Brish’ hat stand are simple but elegant pieces designed to be ‘visually lightweight and unobtrusive’. I really like his ethos and his work.



Also carving a name for herself is Lee Borthwick, an emerging Scottish artist who also uses wood but for more aesthetic ends. This work ‘Clearance’ can be found on display in the Arts Council England offices in Pimlico, no less. I really like Lee’s use of the different textures and surfaces of wood.


Nic Parnell‘s work uses natural forms, namely branches and pieces of wood, which are then ‘replenished with an injection of tactile colour (Nylon flock)’. It therefore encourages us to engage with these natural objects in a new visual and sensory way. His ‘Outside In’ collection sums up everything that is great about using natural wood materials in the home.


Ubico Studio’s ‘Wake’ collection is furniture made from smaller pieces of scrap timber ‘cut to extremely accurate sizes then glued together in a matrix to form a block’. These blocks are then carved to resemble tree stumps in a really a clever cyclical twist. It’s almost like returning the wood to its original form. It also makes for beautiful and very unique furniture.

So maybe it’s time to bring the outside into your home. Wood is such a beautiful material in both processed and natural states. Why not try using your imagination to create a beautiful piece of furniture from a natural wood shape?