Love light love life? The Lighter Later campaign means one hour more of daylight in the evenings:

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With the weather getting cold and wintery, who wouldn’t want to have at least one hour more of daylight to play with … leaving work when it’s already dark can be really depressing and having at least few more minutes of daylight can really make a difference, psychologically and environmentally.

The 10:10 Lighter Later campaign quite simply is all about shifting Britain’s clocks forward by one hour throughout the year.

In other words, instead of setting our clocks to GMT in winter and GMT+1 in summer, we would set them to GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in summer.  Which means that we would still put our clocks forward in spring and back in autumn, but the sun would rise and set one hour later throughout the year, which means that more of us would be out and about when the sun is ‘shining’, well day light at least, it is Britain after all !

Perhaps it seems too good to be true but our MP’s also support the Daylight Saving Bill, last December (that’s 2010) the bill went through its first crucial vote in Parliament.   Unfortunately, we are now in October (2011 nearly a year later!), just ahead of another clock change and still without any news. Boooo! as they might say bin Parliament.

This is a subject that seems to make so much sense, it’s a good cause that seems to benefit us all it would be great if you all supported it too.

-Apart from being able to cycle home in the light it would be healthier as we would all have more evening daylight to take exercise and be outside.

-We could be a little better off too; as there would be great energy savings-up to £3 billion nationally could be saved! That’s money we’d all save every day from less lighting use at home.

-It would be more secure, our elderly would have an hour shorter winter and evening crime would decrease too.

-Hundreds of injuries on our roads could be avoided per year.

-Lastly, my favourite bit, we could save at least 450,000 tonnes of CO2   pollution and we would be happier people (hooray!) because more evening daylight would be uplifting, which would reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Without the government taking action every month is another month that we are wasting daylight and opportunities like better road safety and energy savings. But what’s holding them up? We need to remind our MPs that this is crucial.

To check the graphs where you can visually see how we could benefit this timekeeping regime, known as Single Double Summer Time or SDST, visit their website: and help to encourage a vote for this bill!