May 2013 be the start of a more Sustainable future. . .

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May 2013 be the Start …… to living sustainably.

Start is an initiative inspired by the Prince of Wales in 2009 – at which point he explained why it is so important that the people of the world adapt their behaviour in order to ease the effects of climate change. Until this point, much of the information we were being given was focusing on what we shouldn’t be doing. For many this was a turning point, making the emphasis not about stopping but about starting something better.  Start aims to highlight the best examples of sustainable practice in the UK, and show how we can all make a positive change right away.

Throughout May, Start is bringing together over 40 brands and organisations to help make this dream a reality. Each day one of the partners will bring an area of sustainable living to life in a number of ways, including Social Media, events, projects and much more.


If its water saving youre after –  on May 10th they will be providing inspiration for a water-wise life. Methods such as shorter showers, introducing Water Butts and fixing leaks.

May 14th sees IBM motivate us to ‘be the start of a smarter planet.’ Smart homes are an area we are passionate about here in the OH Design Office and are the future in saving us money and reducing unnecessary energy use. However it’s not just about introducing the latest technology into your home. Smart homes can also be about generating your own electricity, about growing plants and creating your own Eco air filtration system, or even simply about using light reflective paint on your walls. There’s so much more to a smart home than being able to control it through a mobile device.

On the 29th May you could become part of a nation that shares. In collaboration with Ecomodo, you can join a wider community and share, why spend money if you don’t have to? Ecomodo is a great site to help you link with your community and discover the life outside of your front door.

These are just a few key events occurring, but there is of course so much more happening. During the rest of the month you can gather information and tips on Greener gardens, neighbourhood food revolutions, becoming a nation that shares and how to start a sustainable business. There is a huge amount of information available which im sure will inspire people to make a start in changing the ways in which we live our everyday lives.