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Design guide

Every Home Can Be A Sanctuary

Within this, our latest book, we demonstrate how anyone can create a healthy, happy home.

The research and design team at Oliver Heath Design, including sustainable design expert Victoria Jackson, psychologist Eden Goode, designer Jo Baston and director Oliver Heath worked together to devise each of the 100 solutions with easy implementation in mind. 

We wanted to share the knowledge and experience developed in the world of commercial spaces and transfer them to residential settings. Amongst a wealth of ideas we discuss the many benefits of connecting with nature, maximising natural light and improving air quality in their homes. Alongside this we investigate the consideration of the right way to add colour, texture, and pattern to transform every space in the home and improve relaxation, recuperation, social connections, and sleep.

Whatever the budget and whether the property is rented or owned the stylish fun and affordable ideas within the book can be used to make any home a sanctuary.

Online reviews: 

“Such a good read and regular go-to book. Design a Healthy Home is jam-packed full of ideas that can be readily implemented in the home. Best of all, this is actually a really interesting read.”

“It's a great reference for anyone looking to make a new home, or overhaul an existing one and certainly one I'm going to be referring to as I continue to work on my own home.”

“The layout, structure, style and illustrations are all excellent - clearly a great team of authors”

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