My favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations for this Year

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What’s not to love about this mid winter festival of ours, although every year I get hit with a pang of just how am I going to do all this decorating and Christmassy stuff and still make it sustainable.

Creativity, inspiration and upcycling is what’s called for. When it comes to decorating my own tree I’ve opted for a simple but sparkling vintage pieces, such as droplets from a broken chandelier, numerous £1 costume jewellery pieces from the market, old watch faces and just a glint of light coming from my very own colour changing LED lights which I designed for John Lewis a few years ago.



And I’m not the only one to turn to a spot of recycling or upcycling for sustainable decorations;  here are some of my current favourites to feast your seasonal eyes on:

In Kaunas, Lithuania where artist Jolanta Å midtienÄ— created an enormous 13-meter tall Christmas tree made from nearly 40,000 recycled green bottles and zip ties. At night the tree is lit from the inside turning into a glowing, translucent, emerald green monumental beauty.



Ok so this next one was from last year but for all cycling enthusiast out there this one is for you –  called the Tree-Cycle this Australian Christmas tree is made of recycled bicycle parts.



And from London, our favourite cardboard designer Giles Miller has produced this really elegant take on cardboard trees.



Now getting more into the decorative side, we loved the vision that it took to see how recycled ice hockey sticks could be transformed into these super sized Incredible Snowflakes.



And on the micro scale, these tiny but sweet moss terrariums are all about bringing a delicate touch of nature into the home.



And if you’re wondering what to use all your recycled paper for, well why not get folding and make these fun origami water bomb led fairy light shades…just don’t fill them with water at the same time!



Happy decorating!