My Great Green Deal training adventure

oliver The Green Deal


As you may know I’ve always been passionate about creating eco homes – be it new build or finding ways to make the homes we live in fit for the future. So when the opportunity came up to train and qualify as a Domestic energy Assessor and Green Deal Assessor, well i jumped at it. If you hadn’t heard of the Green Deal, it’s a Government-backed programme to help people save money on their bills by making their homes more energy efficient.
An Assessor will come to your home to assess its performance, talk to you about your energy use and provide you with a tailor made list of energy efficiency measures that will help you heat your home for less.
So I’m now two days into my training and what strikes me is just how little most of us know about the efficiency of our homes. Think about it – every year we get our cars assessed in an MOT, making them safer and more efficient, but when was the last time you had a trained professional pop round and give your home the same treatment? With roughly equivalent running costs, wouldn’t you want to be put in the driving seat of how much your home’s utility bills cost you?
My training is taking me through this thorough assessment procedure – noting construction types, property age, key heat loss locations, measuring floor areas, logging boiler efficiencies and inspecting electrical appliances – the list goes on! What it all adds up to is a complete picture of how your home is performing now and projecting forward to how much you could save with a number of energy efficient measures installed.
But more than just the cost of heating and lighting and inefficient home, not to mention those dreaded carbon emissions, it’s the quality of life that goes with it. Given the choice wouldn’t you rather come home to one that’s warmer, cosier and less draughty?
Making your home more energy efficient can help you create a better home to live in . There are a range of measures you could consider, including loft and wall insulation, a new boiler, heating controls, double glazing, draught exclusion and energy efficient lighting.
And the most important step you can take? Well that’s simple – just start by getting a Green Deal Assessment for your home. The sooner you do it the sooner you’ll be to getting a better, warmer, more efficient home to live in.
Find out more at or call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0203 123 1234