Eco homes need eco heating: My Top Five Favourite Wood Burning Stoves

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With winter setting in and chilly temperatures just around the corner (this mild spell can’t last forever), I thought I’d share my favourite wood burning stoves with you.


Come the winter, there aren’t many inanimate objects in my house that I love as much as my wood burning stove. There’s nothing like cycling home in the dark, pouring rain and warming myself by the fire with a book and a glass of wine. It’s good to know that whilst a conventional open fire allows 80% of the heat to escape up the chimney, a wood burning stove radiates 80% of the heat generated into the room. Plus, its register plate stops the heat being sucked up the chimney – so there’s a double benefit in the draught reduction.


Whilst fitting a stove can be pricey – there’s the purchase price, fitting costs plus most chimneys will need a flue liner – a wood burning stove can help to reduce heating bills and reduce the carbon associated with heating your home as you wont be using a fossil derived fuel – plus of course make your home a lovely warm place to be this winter.


So, to my favourites. Feast your eyes on these hot beauties.


These design award wining Stack stoves reinterpret the classic ceramic stove but with  contemporary style – very funky.They’re easy to assemble and according to the designers Adriano Design,  the composition meets the ‘aesthetical, spatial and practical needs’ of most homes. These ecological heat producers also emit lots of warmth and fall within smoke emission parameters. And what i really like is that the modular nature means you can adapt the stove to your needs.




Designed and built using the latest technology, Charnwood from the Isle of Wight, UK, make brilliant traditional stoves with a modern design edge. I am a proud owner of the Cove 1. It’s small and compact but pumps out a fantastic amount of heat. I also really love the fact Charnwood make stoves in an impressively wide colour range.



Who said that stoves had to go on the floor? The futuristic Fireorb is a suspended hearth with a 360Ëš rotation field. Made by spinning steel, the Fireorb heats in every direction but it’s the stunning looks that really catch the eye. Place it at the heart of any space – kitchen, living room, dining room – and it certainly provides a hot talking point. We’ve installed some of these in barn conversions= projects and they look fantastic when positioned against vernacular and traditional materials.




If you’re looking for a non-traditional-looking stove to put on the floor, look no further than this Attika soapstone stove – the solid mass of materials creates a valuable heat sink, and continues to heat for up to fifteen hours. Meaning it can keep you warm all night on just a couple of logs.




And if you are looking for something more funky, the award winning  Hotpod “Unlimited”  by artist blacksmith Daniel Harding,  is your perfect fit. Almost animated, these anthropomorphic pieces are made in Cornwall from recycled Volkswagen cars and other recycled iron parts . The designs have been ‘influenced by the Cornish environment and Surf Culture!’… it’s an amusing balance  between form and function.



So there you go. Five brilliant stoves to snuggle up next to this winter- the book and the wine you’ll have to choose yourself though.