Start Something Beautiful

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It’s really good to see the latest event from the Start project coming up at Kew Gardens in late August. Once again Prince Charles is doing his bit to raise awareness and get behind some of the bigger issues facing our society.

I recently visited a small exhibition that was put on in the Grounds of Charles London residence, Clarence House to publicise some of the Start events.

 A national initiative by The Prince’s Charities Foundation to celebrate sustainable living, Start aims to help people take clear, positive and practical steps towards a better future.

The reason I really like Start is because it really emphasises the positive. So much of the language around climate change and energy efficiency can be negative, focusing on what we shouldn’t be doing and trying to make people feel guilty. Start, like me, wants to encourage people to try more sustainable ways of living because it’s the obvious way to live and makes good sense. Basically, it’s a positive choice – starting something rather than stopping.

The Start website explains some of the big issues simply, without all the negative language and jargon. It celebrates simple ideas and shows you how you can do things a little bit differently

Their latest event at Kew from 25-29 August sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s a pretty beautiful spot too. It’s open to anyone paying a visit to Kew and promises five inspiring days of exhibitions, activities and entertainment in one of the world’s most sustainable environments.

So why not get on down in Royal Style, for a great day out, show your support for Start and help to make Her Majesty even prouder of HRH Charlie.