Temporary Structures – eco design appreciation by getting closer to nature

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So much has changed in the camp site since the heady days of Barbara Windsor’s shenanigans in Carry On Camping and at this time of year its always exciting to see what’s new in the way of temporary structures and tents – anything that can get us out of our homes and into nature but protected from the the Great British weather!

Carry on Camping

One revolutionary design is the Tree Tent. Visitors are able to become part of the woodland whilst being suspended 3 meters in the air above the forest floor, swaying gently with the wind. Designed by Jason Thawley, the Tree Tent boasts a surprisingly sophisticated structure. It is a fully insulated, low impact shelter offering refuge at any time of the year. The aesthetic sphere offers a completely new perspective on things, not only because you’re suspended above the ground, but also it is a novel way to reinvent the camping experience.

tree tent

If the idea of a little levitation appeals to you, then you will love this Cacoon hanging tree-house. This incredibly versatile tent can go with you anywhere, hanging from just one point it’s easily portable and instantly creates a fantastic relaxation pod for all ages . Labelled as a ‘hanging haven’, It is strong, weatherproof and machine washable, making it ideal for any situation, i love it.

cacoon tent


Another new entry to the market is the Unidome, which offers a portable, semi- permanent ecologically comfortable living space. These beautifully sculptural timber structures are much more enjoyable than your average tent. The structure designed by James Towner-Coston was inspired by nomadic Mongolian tribes who required a highly portable but rigid structure to live in every day. These extremely lightweight Unidomes can travel with you to festivals, on camping holidays, or even be used as a more permanent feature in the garden for the kids.

unidome tent


Whilst here in the Uk we use our tents for leisure,  across the world there is also a need for temporary structures to be used in disaster relief aid . Inventor Vinnay Gupta has created a sustainable solution that would take pressure away from states or governments at times of emergency.

The Hexyurt is based on geodesic geometry adapted to fit pre-fabricated 4×8″ sheets of construction material. They are very simple, inexpensive constructions that can be put together with little or no building experience, making them integral to the Networked Domestic Disaster Response project.


Whether its for emergency situations or leisure, tent structures offer us a chance to experience relief from the elements. Their designs are becoming ever more ingenious due to advances in materials and techniques. But for us in the UK its a chance to get closer to nature and strip away the complexities of life – something Barbara Windsor would certainly agree with.