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At Oliver Heath Design, our mission is to put people and the planet first. 

We are a team of nature lovers who appreciate spaces and things that make us feel happy and healthy. Constantly striving to go deeper than aesthetics, we value thought leadership in how to create environments that people can thrive in, rather than just survive.

One of our core values is to advocate for everyone to access to healthy environments that support their wellbeing regardless of background, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

We work hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for all our employees, raising awareness of the benefits of having a gender balanced workforce and tackling barriers relating to racial equality, ethnic diversity, disability, and LGBT+.

Connecting people to nature and natural processes as well as to each other is incredibly important to us. This is evident in all of the work created by our in-house research and design teams.

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Practicing what we preach

In keeping with our ethos of Biophilic Design and connectivity, we aim to get out into nature as a team whenever we can. These trips keep us inspired and allow us to reflect and recuperate.

Being based in Brighton the team regularly engage with the local environment through trips, events and meals. Our local connection to the landscape and activities in it are vital to our own wellbeing, our team ethos and also to inspire conversation, ideas and thought leadership.

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Our own healthy spaces

When visitors step into the Oliver Heath Design Studio, they are always taken aback by the natural light and greenery, often commenting on how it feels like an ‘office jungle’. We strive to create that moment of wonder in all of our work, so why not in our own space too? 

Situated on the top floor of a Brighton community hall that had a lot of potential, we transformed what used to be a cold and sterile space into a lush, bright and vibrant studio that the team all agree enhances their wellbeing throughout the day. Through the large, high windows, we can see tall trees, we can observe the sky and its ever-changing patterns, and we even have a sea view! 

A row of plants screen the focused work spaces from the kitchen and meeting area, where we gather around for presentations, conversations, and our daily office-cooked lunch...


The power of soup

When it comes to lunchtime at the Oliver Heath Design studio, we gather to eat a bowl of fresh soup every day. At some point mid-morning, the question “What soup shall we make today?” will have arisen, resulting in a short deliberation and a quick trip to the nearby greengrocers. The soup then gets made in our office kitchen by the volunteer of the day, and devoured around the meeting table amid much conversation and debate! 

We love this process so much that we make soup throughout the entire summer too, despite the heat. It feels wholesome and nourishing in more ways than one; we get healthy nutrients from our meal, and wellbeing from our sense of community. 

It is this feeling that we aim to create through our work, bringing the ‘power of soup’ into the built environment. We create spaces that enhance community and facilitate conversation around shared moments of nature be that through the senses or spaces...