Spatial Design Services

We can help with developing new or existing spaces to incorporate Biophilic Design elements. We offer full interior and architectural design services that can benefit a range of spaces including:

  • Workplace: open plan offices, meeting rooms, private spaces, recuperative spaces, third spaces (social spaces, canteens, coffee bars, water cooler areas), etc.
  • Hospitality: hotels, bars/pubs, restaurants/cafes, etc.
  • Healthcare: waiting rooms, consultancy rooms, foyers, children’s play areas, etc.
  • Education: entrances, class rooms, communal spaces, offices, staff rooms, etc
  • Retail: shop interiors, window displays, pop up spaces
  • Residential: from flats to houses, helping make the best use of space to create healthy homes that restore and increase levels of wellbeing

We also design more temporary spaces such as test case installations, exhibition spaces & pop ups.

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Consultancy Services

We offer insightful research based services including trend forecasting, seminars, workshops, pre-& post occupancy studies on Biophilic Design & wellbeing.

We are happy to collaborate with existing design teams, to improve the experience of building occupancy. We can advise, educate and integrate Biophilic Design at a variety of stages throughout the design process.

  • Educational talks: delivering introductions to Biophilic Design theory for professionals and students
  • Workshops: an interactive introduction to Biophilic Design for professionals that covers its benefits and uses
  • Research Studies: create reports on the effect of implementing Biophilic Design on the users of spaces; using pre and post occupancy studies to study the effect of redesigning a space with biophilic elements
  • Collaborations: working alongside building management consultants, facilities managers, human resources teams, etc. to identify the needs of the users and the best approach to implementing changes
  • Future Forecasting: trends analysis in sustainability, health and wellbeing in Biophilic Design


TV, Media & Communications

With an established media profile, Oliver offers broadcasting, public speaking and editorial skills for a variety of live and pre-recorded activities:

  • Television & Radio Appearances: expert speaker appearances for terrestrial & online productions as main presenter, participant, or voice over
  • Spokesperson & Social Media Campaign Figurehead – communicating innovation, excellence & research studies to industry professionals or the general public
  • Brand Ambassador: public or industry facing ambassador for brands that share sustainable ethos
  • Writing: blogs, articles and books – original content and comment supplied based on his extensive knowledge and expertise in the subjects of sustainable design, lifestyle and the built environment
  • Event Presentation: hosting & delivering activities at a variety of events, trade shows, award ceremonies, etc

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Product Design

Oliver Heath Design collaborates with existing brands to develop new products that enhance heath & wellbeing.

From the outset Oliver Heath Design has been creating bespoke products & furniture for individual’s schemes & retailer’s interior spaces. Our focus is now on how the products we design can improve heath & wellbeing and the positive experiences of the spaces we work and live in.

Oliver has also produced a series of books on interior design, including:

  • Home Book
  • Front of House
  • Urban Eco Chic

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