House plant care

A lover of house plants? Give your plants some attention by dusting them regularly and repositioning them to surround your workspace.

By dusting our plants, we not only improve plant health but we spark a connection to nature by the physical touch of a living object.

Photon shower

Take a break from your workspace for a photon shower. Step outside, open the window and bask in the sunlight.

Sunshine triggers increased production of serotonin which influences how we feel. natural sunlight also triggers the body’s production of vitamin D, which is a crucial ingredient for overall health & wellbeing.

window seat with books below

Washing windows

Take a closer look at where you’re living. Washing windows is one of the simplest ways to improve the natural light that comes through your home.

Natural light is really important for one’s circadian rhythms. It effects our bodies release of melatonin and serotonin, both helping us to sleep at night and be alert in the day time.

Repotting plants

Studies have shown active interaction with plants, like touching and smelling, can reduce physiological and psychological stress.

Even potting soil can help you keep a handle on daily stress and anxiety. This is because soil contains microbes and bacterium which work as natural antidepressants.

Mycobacterium vaccae is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier.

Oliver heath sitting at desk

Improve your 'WFH' space

Lots of people have their desks at home poorly set up, here’s another biophilic design tip to improve your ‘WFH’ – Working From Home space.

Position your desk by / near a window, you’ll get lots more natural light flooding in. Natural light is fundamental for balancing circadian rhythms, this will help you be more alert in the daytime and sleep better at night.

Olfactory experiences

Many scents and smells have been proven to boost energy and productivity.

Lemon and orange are well-known for their Vitamin C, but one smell of citrus fruit can be found to increase energy levels and alertness.

A pine scent can also be used to decrease anxiety and promote connection to the great outdoors.


Create Your Own Sound Environment

Too many background, distracting noises in your home? why not use an app like Noisli to create your own backdrop of noise.

Noisli lets you create calming, soothing background noise of natural sounds in your home.

You can mix sounds from the forest, birds, wind, or water together to create your ideal, peaceful ‘WFH’ space.

Take regular breaks

Don’t forget to take regular breaks. During these times it’s important to stop and spend some time with family and pets.

Research has shown that without taking adequate breaks from work, employee productivity and mental well-being begin to suffer.

While we continue to ‘WFH’, its more important than ever to take these breaks to help de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday.

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