Meet the team

interior design room

Our purpose

The wellbeing of people and planet is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that all life deserves to thrive within the built environment and that healthy ecosystems are key to creating healthy spaces.


Our vision

We want to enhance health and wellbeing within our cities, neighbourhoods, ecosystems, streets, buildings, and interiors – and ultimately all of the spaces we interact with every day.


Our values

We believe that the spaces and environment we live in should be joyful, healthy, regenerative, fair and connected – for more than just us humans. Good design should always promote the wellbeing of people and the planet. 

Joyful: Our spaces should be beautiful and promote wellbeing

Healthy: Our environment should promote mental, physical and ecological health

Regenerative: Our designs should support the resilience and circularity for the benefit of people, nature and our planet

Fair: Our spaces should be inviting, inclusive, accessible, equitable and just

Connected: Our spaces should connect people to each other and to nature