Image: Interface Flooring

Imagine looking out of a window and watching a bird flutter across the sky or the leaves rustle in the wind – no doubt this will make you feel relaxed. This pleasant distraction gives us a sense of ‘being away’ from our usual hectic routine that involves our “directed attention”.

As architects and interior designers, it’s important to consider Biophilic design principles whilst designing spaces where the user needs to remain attentive for a long period of time, like offices and educational buildings. These can be direct references of nature such as a view out of a window or plants on a desk, as well as indirect references such as natural materials, patterns and textures.

By incorporating Biophilic design principles, we can create moments for “effortless attention” to take place, so we can work more productively and efficiently.

If you’re one to lose focus easily whilst at work, make sure to have a break to nature and notice the amazing difference.


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