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Consultancy Process

Initially we were approached to prepare and deliver a 3 hour Biophilic Design interactive workshop for stakeholders in the company. The intention of this was to introduce the benefits of Biophilic Design strategies within the workplace (creating more productive, happier and healthy spaces to work in) and present the key evidence that supports its use. Within this we led a practical investigation with the stakeholders into how Biophilic Design could be implemented in their company at a range of scales and budgets. 

After the success of the initial workshop OHD was invited to create an outline design proposal for a Biophilic Test Space and additional recuperation room for the client’s office. 

Research shows that...

The addition of plants in view of a workspace can lead to a



improvement in task performance



improvement in reported health

The Proposal

The proposal was broken down into three work stages:

  1. Development of the brief & review of existing spaces - reviewing the existing office space to identify a suitable area for a recuperation room and develop a Biophilic Design brief, highlighting the opportunities which exist within the space. 
  2. Biophilic Concept Design development - photographic ‘mood’ boards to illustrate the Biophilic Design direction with consideration of the overall mood and objective of the space including suggestions for furniture, products, materials, lighting and acoustics. 
  3. Biophilic Design plan - a proposed plan of the space, illustrating our Biophilic design interventions including a coordinated indicative furniture, lighting and planting plan. 

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