Drawings of the proposed design

The finished project

Creating an Office to Love - A Sneak Peek into the BRE Biophilic Office Project


Our Activities:


  • Highlighting the existing strengths and key opportunities to transform the space, delivering beneficial working environments for the occupants
  • Preparing photographic moodboards to illustrate the Biophilic Design direction. This took into consideration the overall mood, activity and zoning of the space, and was coordinated with annotations highlighting the Biophilic interventions for implementation.
  • Making suggestions for materials, colours and textures, incorporating the Core partner products and materials. To do this, we undertook discussions with Core partners to identify their vision for what that they wished to incorporate.
  • Creating a detailed design package of drawings, perspectives, and a specification to work from during the installation in coordination with the BRE.
  • Coordinating with the core partners and the BRE contracting team to oversee the installation of the designs through to completion.

Core Partners

The Core partners who contributed knowledge and resources to this project were:

  • AkzoNobel
  • Biotecture
  • Ecophon
  • Indoor Garden Design
  • Interface
  • Royal Ahrend
  • The Journal Of Biophilic Design
  • Vastern timber 
  • Waldmann (free standing lights)
"The issue of creating a human centred workspace has never been more topical and high on people’s agenda. It was amazing to work with so many experts in their fields and bringing them together under a single umbrella led to some very insightful discussions. The input of Oliver Heath Design in this project has been essential to the success of the project as it brought the connection between design, product selection and the need to develop a place for people."
Flavie Lowres BRE Associate