Before & After

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What We Did

The existing building consisted of a ground floor garage space and a first floor office space to support it. 

We converted the ground floor into a commercial space available for a variety of uses. 

The first floor became a bright and airy two-bedroom apartment. This saw the introduction of a new kitchen, bathroom, structural elements, and a reconfiguration of spaces.

We successfully maximised natural light throughout the property through the introduction of new aluminium windows and skylights upstairs, and fully glazed walls to replace the existing metal shutters on the ground floor. 

The Finished Project

Interior design project, living room, plants, armchair

The Process & Outcomes

The project required planning permission for change of use and a heritage statement as it existed on the fringes of the local conservation area. 

Following the successful planning application the project required a full set of outline and detailed drawings alongside a specification document to take it to tender, contract and completion.  

Through the works, we both increased the value of the property and the rental value by an impressive 72%. 

Alongside this, the energy efficiency of the building was dramatically improved due to the addition of draught proofing, insulation and new heating and electrical systems.

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