We were initially presented with a building that consisted of an amalgamation of constructions put together across the life span of the building. 

The property was uninsulated, which meant it was drafty, leaky, and damp, making it almost impossible to keep warm in the winter months. 

Our proposal was to demolish this and design in its place a light airy and spacious building that maximised the site’s potential. 

The finished project

building architecture

Energy Efficiency Measures

Our proposal was to introduce a prefabricated timber framed system that allowed us to significantly increase the both air tightness and insulation levels in the walls, roof and floors. 

We made the building completely reliant on electrical systems where it was previously reliant on natural gas. 

To do this we brought in solar PV panels, an air source heat pump, electrical water heating systems, and an underfloor heating system to dramatically improve the energy efficiency.

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