The Design Scheme

We conducted this renovation using a combination of Biophilic and Human-Centred Design to help enhance June’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Before her illness, June had a passion for all things to do with nature and gardening, however since falling ill she needed assistance getting out and about. We aimed to bring nature connections into her home where she could easily enjoy them. We incorporated Biophilic Design features such as:

  • Maximising natural light through glass doors, windows and skylights.
  • Improved views out onto the garden, so that occupants can enjoy the greenery and wildlife that is encouraged into the garden with elements such as bird feeders, pollinating flowers and water features.
  • Created recuperative spaces for retreat.
  • Used a palette of natural textures, materials, colours, patterns and images of nature.


In June’s bedroom, natural light floods in from windows, glass doors and skylights, providing health benefits by keeping her circadian rhythm in sync. Floral patterned wallpaper was used – flowers are an evolutionary indicator of fruit and nutrition – and the unique Urban Retreat carpet floor tiles by Interface. add to the input of natural images and textures.

planted wall divide in garden


The view out of June’s bedroom is onto the beautiful wooden courtyard and a unique green wall we created that allows sunlight to filter through the leaves and into her room. Having views on nature is a central tenet of Biophilic Design, and these green plants are full of life. 

Outside in the courtyard, a water feature adds the calming natural sound of trickling water to the sensory experience and alongside the flowering plants scheme encourages insects and birdlife into the garden.

kitchen design


In the kitchen, a palette of natural materials were used, including white surfaces to reflect light and a vibrant energetic digitally printed glass splashback. On the opposite wall there is a low work surface that is wheelchair accessible with a Wooly Pocket green wall planting system, overflowing with plantlife and utilising the skylight overhead.

roof light into living room

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