Oliver heath in design studio

The Event

The event was to mark the launch of BlueAir’s most advanced air purifier to date and to discuss the indoor air quality issues everyone needs to know about. It included a panel discussion on health and wellness at home and how clean air is a key contributor to better quality of life.

Prior to the event, Oliver participated in content creation, scripts development, technical delivery issues, timings and rehearsals. His knowledge and experience of filmed and live events proved invaluable. 

During the event itself Oliver managed time frames and engaged speakers to deliver key content messaging. 

Camera setup for live broadcast

The Participants

This online event required careful coordination across multiple speakers and countries to authentically communicate the benefits of cleaner healthier air in the home. As host, Oliver was required to carefully manage multiple speakers, and time frames whilst interviewing them to create a natural, relaxed and informative event. 

Two of the speakers were from the BlueAir brand and delivered technical messages and statistics about the issues of indoor air quality and product specification, which needed to be presented in an accessible and engaging way. Oliver was required to move between speakers to keep the conversational flow feeling natural and informative. 

Oliver also engaged with Ashley Banjo as an informed product user about his own personal experiences of using the product at home. For this it was essential that the conversation was authentic and personal, without feeling scripted. Oliver approached it with humour and thought provoking questions to bring character and life to the interview.

Following presentations from the guests, a series of live questions were managed and delivered by all the participants from the audience of journalists and media influencers.

Finally, Oliver summarised and closed the event with a call to action for the audience to download information and engage with the product in more detail.

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