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The Design

The interior space contains a new lounge seating area with wood burning stove and video projector, and an adjoining shower room WC. The open corner folding sliding doors provided a beautiful lounge space for the family to relax and socialise in that seamlessly opens up to the garden. This large cantilever corner element allows uninterrupted views from the interior to the exterior, enhancing the occupants' engagement with their natural surroundings. 

The project also included the introduction of a green roof, poured concrete floor with underfloor heating, thermally efficient glazing and water catchment systems. A significant overhang from the interior perimeter was detailed as a solution to reduce solar gains in the summer months, making it more comfortable all year round. Alongside this, bespoke joinery items were also considered, such as a unique under-stair storage system. 

The design and construction process involved planning consent, full building regulations, communications with engineers, heating consultants and green roof consultants and a main contractor.

Interesting fact: The interior of the existing house was featured in the hit TV series Catastrophe on Channel 4, but sadly this beautiful extension was deemed to be too lavish for the show's main characters' domestic setting. 

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