The Space

This previously underused space is situated in the basement of the showroom and is used as somewhere to eat lunch and have informal meetings. Prior to our designs, the space featured blank white walls and was dominated by a large meeting table that spilled onto the adjacent corridor. The main nature connection was via a rooflight, situated 2 storeys above. We were keen to show that Biophilic design could enhance any unloved space and was more about creative thinking than relying on large budgets.


carpet design, plants, exhibition space
carpet design, plants, exhibition space

Key Biophilic Concepts included:

  • Plants and greenery: In order to create a thriving, lush environment, we installed a floor-to-ceiling vertical green wall, acting as a focal point to the space. Large standing plants are also dotted around the space to act as a perforated screen to enclose the area, creating privacy for meetings or independent working.
  • Elements of water: We incorporated two water wall cascades at both side of the space in order to create an entrance that draws you in. This created natural papetrens modified the humidity of the space and introduced the sound of the running water which acts to mask surrounding sounds that can be disrupting to users - such as speech.
  • Natural colours, patterns and textures: The back wall was tiled in a natural stone veneer, which is not only a soothing colour but is also tactile. We also incorporated furniture by Bene, which is made from natural materials and features a pop of bright fuchsia.
  • Biomimetic materials: Interface re-designed the flooring layout, and their carpet tile design mimics an intriguing forest path, drawing you into the space.
  • Olfactory: We included an atomiser that regularly releases scents, such as palma rosa and lemon, which are good for helping to improve productivity.

The Results

These simple Biophilic features dramatically transformed the perception of the space as being one that could relax and restore but also offer privacy for meetings and phone calls. It changed the space from one that was occasionally used to the occupants favourite space in the showroom.

carpet design, plants, exhibition space

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