Designed for the Senses

Inspired by calming, restorative moments spent in woodlands, the bathroom used natural mimics and sensory contrasts to evoke a feeling of bathing in nature to reduce heart rates, blood pressure and to revitalise the mind.  

Each of the senses have been considered – from the tactile qualities of the surfaces, the audio soundtrack, and the colour changing dimmable lighting which can be altered to adapt to different moods, ranging from morning bright light through to sensual coloured lighting to help induce a state of relaxation. 

The Lighting

The concealed lighting behind the eco-resin screens, mimics the dappled light one might experience walking through a bamboo grove. 

Whilst the cutouts in the timber ceiling reflect the light falling through a canopy of trees.


Sustainable Materials

The materials used throughout were chosen to minimise environmental impact: 

  • Eco resin panels for the walls
  • Sustainable timber is used throughout
  • Styling products include towels made from bamboo
  • Furniture made from cork and end of line seatbelts

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