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The First Design Festival of its Kind

The show had its debut in 2020, when just outside of COVID lockdown we created a talks programme. 

September 2021, saw its first full opening in Kings Cross during the London Design Festival, with an exciting 4 days programme which included:

  • The Sustainable Design Exhibition: showcasing cutting edge products, technologies and materials
  • The Botanical Market: selling plants, organic food and products
  • Barbara Chandler’s Green Grads exhibition: showcasing up and coming stars in the world of sustainable design
  • Sleeping in Nature: installation and bar in association with Out of the Valley
  • The Planted Unearthed talks programme: engaging thought leaders and practitioners with the key show themes of sustainable design, wellbeing and urban greening

The programme of talks were held in front of a live audience in a stunning external green walled studio, and showcased across social media channels.
Audiences were drawn from the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design, developers, investors and building stakeholders.

Exhibition signage

A short film about Planted

Oliver speaks about reconnecting People, Places and Nature at Planted

Oliver Heath

What we did...

Since 2019, Oliver and the OHD team have been working with Planted and have been central to the development of the show, undertaking a range of key functions in its delivery, including:

  • Curating and hosting
  • Biophilic Design ambassador
  • Media spokesperson delivering interviews and comment
  • Design creation of the wayfinding features, speaker, theatre and installations
  • Online content creation
  • Developed the show content and speaker programme
  • Hosted the talks programme alongside Sam Peters
  • Connected industry partners and collaborators



“It is clear now more than ever we must all proactively explore ways of changing our manufacturing processes and consumption habits to enable the planet upon which we depend the chance to replenish and regenerate”
Oliver Heath

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