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Why POE is Important

In the world of evidence based design it's not enough to rely on data created at another time in another project. 

It is essential that we collect and create relevant live data for our clients to better understand the brief and how we can implement it. 

Pre and Post Occupancy studies help us do just that. 

Whilst often viewed as difficult to do, POE can be an extremely valuable tool to assess the performance of a building or refurbishment project, and so this guide demystifies the language, process and different approaches to it. Spaces have to ‘work’ for us, and that’s why we are encouraging the process of pre- and post-occupancy evaluations to really uncover whether or not a project has been successful in achieving its goals.

"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion"
W. Edwards Deming

The Design Guide

Our guide provides background information and walks you through the process – what a pre- and post-occupancy evaluation is, why it’s worth the effort, getting your clients on board, and then how to undertake one in a project from start to finish. 

We also include some great examples of projects that have successfully measured their people and spaces. There is huge potential for creative development within this area, and promoting the conversation around it is crucial for our future wellbeing.

Within the guide, we showcase some great projects that have undertaken POE from Spacelab Spacelab, CBRE, and BRE. Plus, you’ll find some inspiring insights from these experts in the field who we spoke with while writing the guide:

  • Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein – Sustainable Building Consultant, BSRIA Sustainable Construction Group
  • Kerry Drake, AIA – Associate at Payette
  • Mindy Hadi – Principal Consultant at BRE
  • Rosie Haslem – Director at Spacelab
  • Paige Hodsman – Concept Developer for Offices, Saint-Gobain, Ecophon
  • Richard L. Kobus, FACHA – Tsoi Kobus Design, Architecture, Design, Planning & Development Practice, Boston
  • Elizabeth Nelson – Research Director at Learn Adapt Build
  • Nigel Oseland – Environmental Psychologist & Workplace Strategist
  • Peggie Rothe – Development Director at Leesman
  • Kerstin Sailer – Reader in Social & Spatial Networks at The Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Tom Simister, AIA, LEED AP – Director of Space Strategies at Payette
  • Geert Stam – Senior Consultant at CBRE


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