Drawings of the proposed design

Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond

The finished project

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Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
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Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
Photo credit: Jonathan Bond
seating interior

The Brief

Our client wanted to create a space using Biophilic Design principles, which allows both mental and physical restoration to take place during a beauty treatment, so that you leave the space with a clear head and a sense of calm (as well as a lovely fresh pedicure). 

The salon provides several services and Biophilic Design principles play a key role in each area.

seat in window

The Reception & Waiting Area

The reception and waiting area incorporates a highly textural reception desk. 

Hand glazed, reflective tiles clad the desk and bounce light from the large shop front window around the rest of the salon. 

A comfy window seat sits in front of the desk, encouraging beneficial exposure to natural light (this has been proven to help rebalance our circadian rhythms, improving sleep and mood amongst other things). This seat is L shaped to encourage a sociable atmosphere as well as providing long views to the outdoors with a simple turn of the head. 

High level shelving provides space for product display as well as beginning to introduce some planting to the area.

chair in window with plants

The Eyebrow & Lash Area

Situated in the adjacent shop window, the eyebrow and lash area features a vintage reupholstered barber chair, nestled amongst plants and with another long view to the outdoors. 

The natural wool fabric adds texture and complexity and a vibrant yellow trim adds a flash of energizing colour to the space. 

The high levels of natural light ensure that the chair is practical for the therapists working in the salon, whilst the motion of trees out the window allow the client to zone out and watch the rhythmic movement of the wind in the leaves. 

A soft gaze onto natural scenery in the distance has been shown to help restore our directed attention and cognitive functioning, helping us to work more effectively after a nature-filled break!

sink and plant

The Manicure Area

Freestanding plywood shelving and tables with beautiful, organic detailing were created as a bespoke addition to the salon by Lozi – a London based furniture studio. This allows the table configuration to be flexible when required.

 A high-level shelf above the tables is covered with trailing artificial planting. We find that if touchable planting at low level is real, unreachable planting can still have a positive impact on occupant wellbeing – even if it’s artificial.

A mirror also runs at high level behind the planting, helping to bounce natural light and even flashes of movement around the salon. This works alongside careful positioning of the tables – which are placed perpendicular to the large windows to allow views out for both therapists and clients.

seating with cushions

The Pedicure Area

A raised pedicure platform, constructed in the corner farthest from the windows, ensures that clients are still able to gain a long view across the manicure area and reception, to the outdoors.

Highly reflective, hand glazed tiles and a terrazzo top ensure that the platform incorporates engaging textures, which works well alongside the rich, plaster coloured ceramic pedicure sinks.

A bespoke shelf covered in planting and product display helps to shield a comfortable sofa for clients to sit on during pedicures, creating a sheltered and intimate corner. Prospect and refuge theory states that this environment will make occupants feel relaxed and at ease – encouraging comfortable conversation.

wallpaper on ceiling and light fitting

The Treatment Room

A high-level window brings some natural light into the space and a large sliding door makes it practical to enter and exit the room. 

The treatment room has been designed to draw the eye upwards towards the ceiling. 

A shelf runs at high level around the perimeter of the room, allowing artificial planting to trail down into the room and frame a view up to the ceiling, which is covered with a complex, naturally inspired wallpaper. This ensures that the customer’s have something interesting and absorbing to look at throughout any treatment.

"With the help of Oliver Heath Design, we were able to create a beautiful space that captures the attention of everyone who walks past, and allows both mental and physical restoration during each treatment."
Lucy Wigfall Founder & Owner, Rose and River

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