Design boards

The finished project

Biophilic Design Consultancy Package

As part of our consultancy service,  we worked with KANSEI Design & Co to integrate Biophilic Design strategies into their existing concept and outline design proposal for the Taisei workplace.

The brief outlined that we focus predominantly on opportunities to bring Biophilic Design features into walls, floors and ceilings, such as materials, colours, patterns and suspended objects. 

We were asked to present this in the form of mood boards along with additional recommendations of Biophilic elements for the current floor plan.

Office design, interior tree
Office design, window view

The process

OHD conducted a Biophilic review of the existing floor plans to highlight the intended activity and how we would like people to feel in each space, i.e. in a focused workspace, we would like employees to feel energised and productive.

We looked at how to bring in “indirect connections” to nature, using natural shapes, forms, materials, colours, textures, patterns and technologies.

We then highlighted the existing opportunities in the space; the large floor plan meant plenty of space to create different zones, as well as reasonable ceiling heights to work with. 

Luckily, as this office space is on the 52nd floor, it benefits from extensive views out over Tokyo from large windows. Of course, we aimed to maximise on this, so as to increase occupant exposure to natural light and encourage a connection with the surrounding landscape. This brings in direct connections to nature as well as enhancing the human-spatial response, creating a sense of prospect, retreat and recuperation.

Office design
tiered seating in office