Considerations within our report:


- The Crick Institute ethos and brand

- The layout of the existing building and available opportunities.

- The spatial layout of the different departments

- The activity within each department

- How departments might connect with others

interior office planting
interior office planting

The Proposal

From this backdrop, the understanding of the building and its occupation, OHD created a proposal that sought to weave human centred, wellbeing and Biophilic Design into a number of aspects, including: 

  • Layout - of both interior and exterior spaces
  • Materiality - and how this might affect wayfinding and support activity
  • Furniture - how this would support activity, departmental connectivity  and recuperation
  • Lighting - both natural and artificial and how this can support wellbeing
  • Planting - both inside and outside to enhance activity and recuperation whilst supporting placemaking and specific activity (be that quiet focus, connectivity or recuperation).

Design boards

Research shows that...

The addition of plants in view of a workspace can lead to a



improvement in task performance



improvement in reported health