What We Did

Originally, the L-shaped room lacked natural light or connections to nature. By incorporating a new window plus bright white, reflective surfaces, the main living space instantly felt more inviting, creating a relaxing environment to allow the users to focus and be creative.

Elements of the Norwegian exterior environment were incorporated within the interior by using forest themed graphic wallpaper to provide natural patterns and fractals, local plants and natural textures. The space became tidy and organised thanks to the storage unit, which filled the back wall.

Plants were incorporated into the space at a variety of levels (using glass terrariums and on shelving) so that direct forms of greenery will always be in the peripheral vision, aiding micro recuperation from stressful tasks.

Nature-inspired office

The finished project

Nature-inspired office
dining room with wallpaper

The Social Spaces

Colours typical of those found in healthy landscapes were also added to create a sense of vitality and interest – accents of bright yellow immediately lift the space – making it a fun, sociable and exciting environment for both adults and children.

The main adult work space was subdivided from the family workspace using a vertical slatted wooden screen, with added greenery, creating a more secluded area for the father’s study space. The children now have a space to draw and be creative whilst being subtly supervised. The exterior landscape and greenery is also always in the father’s sight line, maximising on the location’s natural recuperative benefits.

living space

A Retreat Space

The space to the rear lacked any windows and, therefore, natural light. However, as a result, it made for a perfect retreat space and somewhere the family can sit back and relax outside of the circulation of the main space.

Dimmable artificial lighting was integrated within the timber panel walls and ceiling to create an ambient and relaxing space. 

Shades of blues, greens and yellows strengthen the user’s connection with nature, resulting in a more calming environment for the family to go to unwind after a long day.

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